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Tablet Banking Solutions

we always endeavours to deliver smart and reliable solutions to our banking customers. We envision the needs of various banks and design innovative products and services that fulfil current and future banking requirements with ease. Tablet Banking Solutions allows customers to tap into the bank's services from the comfort of their homes and offices and enables banks to digitalize the entire banking process.

Our banking customers can enjoy the following innovative solutions through this unique product :
  • Easy integration with Core Banking Solution
  • Integration with Aadhar / eKYC
  • Open No-Frill accounts
  • Open Fixed / Recurring deposits
  • Maker-Checker concept for accounts opened by Business Correspondents
  • Cheque and cash deposit @ customer place through Business Correspondents
  • Easily funds transfer to other bank customers
  • Get a Mini Statement with enquiry of last five transactions
  • Easy Beneficiary management
  • Cheque status inquiry
  • Get simplified authorization with biometric device
  • Geo-location tagging of Business Correspondents
  • Integration with Document Management system
  • Web based Administration module
  • Reporting Module

Customers are now looking for better service from their banks. As they want to complete their banking transactions from their homes and offices, it has led to a rapid growth in the concept of Doorstep Banking. With the rich features offered in the Tab Banking by us , the potential for the best banking experience is nearly unlimited. As banks want to enjoy a Pan-India presence and become a household brand, this product enables a better reach and provides an entire range of financial products and services under one roof.

Some of the key advantages of opting for Tab Banking include :
  • Banks can offer additional services like cross selling of products
  • Banks can expand their services to remote and rural areas and undertake the vital issue of financial inclusion
  • Provide safe and efficient mechanisms for making and receiving payments with minimum risks to banks, service providers and end customers through a safe and secure architecture
  • Go green with paperless transactions
  • Reduce turn-around time
  • Increase customer satisfaction with better interactions
  • Customer facilitation for each of the payment system products
  • STP to drive down costs
  • Increase efficiency of the payments systems in the country

If you would like to cut down on operational and infrastructural costs, increase customer loyalty and enjoy the benefits of modern banking, embrace the power of Tab Banking today!