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Internet Banking

The internet has basically revolutionized the way we do things, from communication to entertainment and even banking. Almost all banks now have a presence on the internet in the form of their interactive websites.

Through the bank's website the customer is able to perform almost their banking requirements on-line, which is why internet banking is also sometimes referred to as on-line banking or virtual banking. Our Internet Banking Solution is a safe and secure online account management solution. It facilitates fund transfer and aids in financial management for the end customer. It reduces turnaround time (TAT), costs and offers increased independence to users.
Our Internet banking services Features
  • Serve as your online banking host and deliver your Internet banking platform as a hosted service
  • Run customizable loan payment options for multiple payment types
  • Include built-in marketing tools to promote additional products and services
  • Deliver an integrated online bill pay platform that does not require an additional password
  • Offer a comprehensive Corporate Cash Management solution to accommodate the financial needs of business accounts
  • Automate Internet banking fraud reporting with CSI Fraud Anomaly Detection
  • Enhance customer experience with our Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool
  • Eliminate the need for paper statements with eStatements

Our Internet Banking Solution is a safe and secure online account management solution.
  • Financial transactions – which involve inter and intra bank money fund transfers as in the case of third party transfers, NEFT, bill payments etc
  • Non-financial transactions - which deal with provision of account information such as account balance, printing bank statements, even opening an account etc

FinCraftTM Internet Banking has a ready interface available for almost all types of CBS prevalent in the banking space.
List of Features
Customer Profile Management
  • Customers profile
  • Password Management
Account related activities
  • View Account balance
  • Print Statement
  • Stop Cheque instructions
  • Interest Certificate
Funds Transfer
  • Within Bank
  • Add beneficiary
  • Secured through OTP
  • Cheque Status
  • Transaction Status
  • TDS Enquiry
  • Set Alerts
  • Feedback
  • IT Encryption
Additional Features
  • Suggestion and Complaints
  • ATM/Debit Card Block
  • PIN Regenerate
  • Fixed deposit (FD) / Recurring Deposit (RD) creation & Liquidation
  • Direct Tax
  • Indirect Tax
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Cheque Book Request
Two main characteristics that customers seek in internet banking are ease and speed of processing the request and security. our Internet banking solution provides for both while processing varied customer requests It's not only an easy and cost effective but can be easily scaled to incorporate increase in clients and expansion of the database. In addition it allows for customization and launch of new schemes and financial packages.