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Document Management System

With the ongoing process of Digitization, people wish to reduce their paper-based work and expect to have access to their important documents from anywhere and at any time. Document Management Systems are the best solution to make this task a much easier one. PDF Readers are the best example of Document Management System through which you can access the PDF file offline and store it to view and even print and publish it anytime at any place.

Document Management Systems also is known as Content Management System and is widely considered as the component of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). It is related to Record Management, Workflows, Digital Asset Management etc. Document Management Systems refers to managing and accessing the documents electronically.

Enterprise Content Management Systems manage and control digital documents created using Microsoft Office Suite and accounting software like CAD etc. Electronic Document Management System should contain the components given below to be proven efficient :
Benefits of Document Management Services
  • Access and control - Files are scanned on arrival at our centres and physically stored as items in their own right, with specific shelf locations. Files managed in this way are immediately accessible - our staff can pick them quickly and retrievals are faster than conventional handling of a file from a box
  • Confidentiality - All your information is stored in dedicated purpose built records centres. Each of our facilities operate a strict security policy. All staff are vetted and trained in all aspects of their jobs as well as the essential principles of current data protection legislation.
  • Secure service - Our delivery service guarantees complete peace of mind throughout the process with all items and all vehicles being tracked at all times.
  • Integrated systems - This allows clients to access information from within their own systems that are linked to our database. This enables multiple data source viewing, through a single global portal.
  • Web-based solution for complete control - This solution enables authorised users to access, create, search, order, retrieve and edit their inventory from their desktop. We offer customised data entry screens to enforce crucial data capture and retention dates. Powerful and friendly search functionality enables quick and easy query of the record centre database, ensuring that you remain in control.